Socio Economic Impacts - Household

Under COVID-19 Impact Analysis Field Survey

A Large field survey was conducted in order to understand the broader impacts of COVID-19 outbreak and to identify those segments of the population that are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The survey covered 12000+ individuals from 3000+ households in Sri Lanka.


The data set was collected from our large household survey in Sri Lanka. This data consists of Social, Economic, Health, Cultural, Mental and Socio-political impacts of COVID-19, specially on women, children and underprivileged groups.

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Sampling Methods

Our 3000+ households were selected from 200 gramaniladhari (GN) Divisions.
These GN divisions were selected from 89 divisional secretariat divisions and 20 districts.
As an average from each household 4 members were selected for the interviews which resulted 12,000+ individuals in the sample.


Education Impacts

Health Impacts

Livelihood Impacts

Mobility Impacts