Socio Economic Impacts - Household

Under COVID-19 Impact Analysis Field Survey

A Large field survey was conducted in order to understand the broader impacts of COVID-19 outbreak and to identify those segments of the population that are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The survey covered 12000+ individuals from 3000+ households in Sri Lanka.


The data set was collected from our large household survey in Sri Lanka. This data consists of Social, Economic, Health, Cultural, Mental and Socio-political impacts of COVID-19, specially on women, children and underprivileged groups.

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Sampling Methods

Our 3000+ households were selected from 200 gramaniladhari (GN) Divisions.
These GN divisions were selected from 89 divisional secretariat divisions and 20 districts.
As an average from each household 4 members were selected for the interviews which resulted 12,000+ individuals in the sample.


Majority of the respondents had received support from family members, neighbours, and health services when they got infected
Fear to death, sleep and use of social media have increased during the pandemic
Among the respondents who have experienced social isolation, majority are women
Majority of the respondents have felt loneliness and emptiness during the pandemic period

Education Impacts

Health Impacts

Livelihood Impacts

Mobility Impacts